From this page you can download and/or link to information and files regarding the INTOGRATE products.

  • INTOGRATE sales related material:

  • INTOGRATE AX - PowerPoint presentation download
    INTOGRATE AX - CRM Product Sheet : download
    INTOGRATE AX - Developer Product Sheet : download
    INTOGRATE NAV - PowerPoint presentation download
    INTOGRATE NAV - CRM   White Paper : download

  • INTOGRATE Manuals:

  • INTOGRATE AX CRM Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE AX Developer Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE NAV Mail Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE NAV CRM Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE NAV Developer Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE Navision Mail Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE Navision CRM Manual (EN):download
    INTOGRATE Navision Developer Manual (EN):download

  • INTOGRATE Demo versions:

  • INTOGRATE AX (Mail, CRM and Developer):download demo version
    INTOGRATE NAV (Mail, CRM and Developer):download demo version

  • INTOGRATE Updates and utils:

  • To download the latest update of the integration kit or to download one or more of the support tools please turn to Intoint Download Center